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To purchase digital copies of images, complete the National Archives Photographic Imaging order form and send it to us.

You can place your order using either the:

Our approximate turn-around time is 30 days.

Notes on fillable PDF form - For best results we recommend use with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10 or later. Otherwise, you need a PDF reader with JavaScript enabled to complete the form online. Many different PDF readers are available to download for free from the internet. Some allow you to save a copy of the fillable PDF form (eg. PDF-XChange Viewer). Usually, you can only save a copy of the completed form if you have PDF writer software (eg. Adobe Acrobat Pro).

How to use Adobe Acrobat fillable PDF forms online

  1. Open by selecting the order form link above or right click and 'Save Target As'
  2. Move around the form using the mouse or TAB key. Use Shift+TAB key to move backwards through the form.
  3. Type the details into each form field, including payment details.
  4. Once the form is complete, print a final copy and sign if required. Be sure to print out a copy while Adobe Reader is still open
  5. Send the completed form to National Archives of Australia. Contact details are listed at the top of the form.



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